5-Day 4x4 Trip: Bucharest - Pestera Lake - Sighisoara - Brasov - Poiana Brasov

Hop in a powerful four-wheeler and take control of your vacation. It's easy to leave behind all your city worries when venturing off the beaten path. And Romania has so much hidden beauty to offer - from spectacular volcanic lakes to picturesque mountain villages. What's more, being on a 4x4 trip means you can take your family and friends without worrying someone won't keep pace.

RINA Adventures offers unrivaled 4x4 trips in Romania. With us, you'll effortlessly explore unique wild places in the Carpathians that are not available on regular tours. Also, you'll get the opportunity to uncover many Romanian cultural treasures - such as medieval cities, castles of legend, secluded Saxon villages and arcane monasteries.

RINA 4x4 Trips are fully customizable, so you can choose what suits you best. Moreover, our diverse experience allows us to take care of every little thing flawlessly. From safety and knowledgeable guides to tasty fresh food and great accommodations, you have the guarantee of excellent services.

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Day 1

Powerful 4x4 vehicles will meet you at the airport in Bucharest or at any convenient location. Hop in and start your journey. We head North, making our way through the vast Wallachian plains. We aim to reach the wilderness of the Carpathians, but first we need to pass Ploiesti city and venture off the beaten path. After climbing steep ridges and passing through quiet villages, we'll stop at Pestera Lake. This gorgeous lake surrounded by thick forest and guarded by towering mountain peaks is the perfect spot for a well-earned break. If the weather is good, we'll go for the ultimate off-road experience and explore Prahova valley.

Day 2

The next day, we cross the Carpathians and enter Transylvania - a realm immersed in myth and legend. You'll notice immediately the difference. Although, the scenery is as spectacular as in Wallachia, the architecture bears a distinctive Gothic feel. Enigmatic villages, uncanny woods and huge meadows are for you to explore. We'll have time to interact with the locals and observe their traditional way of living. And of course, eat some of their delicious organic food. The next stop is Sighisoara - the only inhabited medieval fortress in Europe, and the place of birth of Prince Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula. We'll rest only after we tour Sighisoara and uncover all its secrets.

Day 3

Leaving Sighisoara behind, we reach San Augustin - a charming gypsy establishment - and visit its impressive fortified church. In the afternoon, we arrive at Brasov. There's plenty to see and do in this amazing city, which kept much of its medieval lure. We'll squeeze down the narrowest street in Europe and visit the magnificent Black Church. There are also many art galleries and chic shops. When you get tired of wandering through the old streets, we'll go up at our hotel located in the popular Poiana Brasov resort.

Day 4

Driving our powerful 4x4 vehicles, we climb the ridges above Bran town - the place where Dracula's Castle is built. We leave the cars behind to explore on foot this amazing wild area. We'll walk through picturesque villages and talk with the locals who live in traditional wooden houses. The smell of fresh hay engulfs everything, making our journey even more pleasant. The highlight of the day is a narrow canyon, which seems to touch the sky. It's almost dusk, so we need to return to the comfort of our hotel in Poiana Brasov.

Day 5

On our last day we're going to see some tamed wilderness. 51 brown bears are eager to meet you. They were rescued from certain death and are now kept safe by the efforts of an extraordinary woman. After hearing their story, we begin our return journey to Bucharest. We'll cross the Carpathians and once again admire their untamed beauty. The great Wallachian plain also awaits you. But now it's time to say goodbye and head home with some great stories to tell.

1. Drive through spectacular scenery - from unspoiled wilderness to secluded mountain villages and monasteries.

2. It's for the whole family - Everyone can come. So, share a unique experience with your family and friends.

3. Always flexible - spend more time on the road or take time to enjoy the local culture and the beautiful sights.

4. Experience the traditional way of living - get in touch with the nature by interacting with the locals.

5. Great food and accommodations - discover tasty Romanian dishes and rest in splendid inns or hotels.

6. Safety and equipment - our guides will always watch your back and professional gear will always be at hand.

7. The guarantee of RINA's experience - benefit from our experience and let us organize a great 4x4 vacation for you.