Groupon Enquiries

We want to provide you with all the information needed regarding our offers on Groupon. If you have bought a voucher and want to discuss your booking dates options, please fill in the form at the bottom of the page. All you need is your Groupon Voucher and Security Codes.

If the deal is no longer available, you can still send us an email to asking for any details on types of offers that might interest you.

Find below the availability of the offer, updated regularly.

Current availability:

11th – 14th January 2013
18th – 21st January 2013
25th – 28th January 2013
1st – 4th February 2013
8th – 11th February 2013
15th – 18th February 2013
22nd - 25th February 2013
1st – 4th March 2013
8th – 11th March 2013

*as at 15:00, Thursday, 20th December

We keep the page updated by adding new dates. If none of these suit you, please contact us at +40 21 318 61 84 and we can inform you if anything else is available.

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